Download A comparison Between Fixed and Multiresolution Analysis for Onset Detection in Musical Signals
A study is presented for the use of multiresolution analysis-based onset detection in the complex domain. It shows that using variable time-resolution across frequency bands generates sharper detection functions for higher bands and more accurate detection functions for lower bands. The resulting method improves the localisation of onsets on fixed-resolution schemes, by favouring the increased time precision of higher subbands during the combination of results.
Download A Maximum Likelihood Approach to Blind Audio De-Reverberation
Blind audio de-reverberation is the problem of removing reverb from an audio signal without having explicit data regarding the system and/or the input signal. Blind audio de-reverberation is a more difficult signal-processing task than ordinary dereverberation based on deconvolution. In this paper different blind de-reverberation algorithms derived from kurtosis maximization and a maximum likelihood approach are analyzed and implemented.