Download Modelling Experts’ Decisions on Assigning Narrative Importances of Objects in a Radio Drama Mix
There is an increasing number of consumers of broadcast audio who suffer from a degree of hearing impairment. One of the methods developed for tackling this issue consists of creating customizable object-based audio mixes where users can attenuate parts of the mix using a simple complexity parameter. The method relies on the mixing engineer classifying audio objects in the mix according to their narrative importance. This paper focuses on automating this process. Individual tracks are classified based on their music, speech, or sound effect content. Then the decisions for assigning narrative importance to each segment of a radio drama mix are modelled using mixture distributions. Finally, the learned decisions and resultant mixes are evaluated using the Short Term Objective Intelligibility, with reference to the narrative importance selections made by the original producer. This approach has applications for providing customizable mixes for legacy content, or automatically generated media content where the engineer is not able to intervene.