Download KRONOS ‐ A Vectorizing Compiler for Music DSP
This paper introduces Kronos, a vectorizing Just in Time compiler designed for musical programming systems. Its purpose is to translate abstract mathematical expressions into high performance computer code. Musical programming system design criteria are considered and a three-tier model of abstraction is presented. The low level expression Metalanguage used in Kronos is described, along with the design choices that facilitate powerful, yet transparent vectorization of the machine code.
Download Compositional Sketches in PWGLSynth
PWGLSynth has already a long history in controlling physicsbased instruments. The control system has been score-based, i.e. the user prepares a score in advance, and by interactive listening process the result can be be refined either by adjusting score information, performance rules and/or the visual instrument definition. This scheme allows detailed control on how the instrument model reacts to control information generated from the score. This paper presents a complementary approach to sound synthesis where the idea is to generate algorithmically typically relatively short musical textures. The user can improvise with various compositional ideas, adjust parameters, and listen to the results in real-time either individually or interleaved. This is achieved by utilizing a special code-box scheme that allows any textual Lisp expression to be interfaced to the visual part of the PWGL system.