Download Five Variations on a Feedback Theme
This is a study on a set of feedback amplitude modulation oscillator equations. It is based on a very simple and inexpensive algorithm which is capable of generating a complex spectrum from a sinusoidal input. We examine the original and five variations on it, discussing the details of each synthesis method. These include the addition of extra delay terms, waveshaping of the feedback signal, further heterodyning and increasing the loop delay. In complement, we provide a software implementation of these algorithms as a practical example of their application and as demonstration of their potential for synthesis instrument design.
Download Sound synthesis using an allpass filter chain with audio‐rate coefficient modulation
This paper describes a sound synthesis technique that modulates the coefficients of allpass filter chains using audio-rate frequencies. It was found that modulating a single allpass filter section produces a feedback AM–like spectrum, and that its bandwidth is extended and further processed by non-sinusoidal FM when the sections are cascaded. The cascade length parameter provides dynamic bandwidth control to prevent upper range aliasing artifacts, and the amount of spectral content within that band can be controlled using a modulation index parameter. The technique is capable of synthesizing rich and evolving timbres, including those resembling classic virtual analog waveforms. It can also be used as an audio effect with pitch-tracked input sources. Software and sound examples are available at