Download Archaeological Acoustic Space Measurement for Convolution Reverberation and Auralization Applications
Developments in measuring the acoustic characteristics of concert halls and opera houses are leading to standardized methods of impulse response capture for a wide variety of auralization applications. This work presents results from a recent UK survey of non-traditional performance venues focused in the field of acoustic archaeology. Sites are selected and analyzed based on some feature of interest in terms of their acoustic properties. As well as providing some insight as to the characteristics and construction of these spaces, the resulting database of measurements has a primary use in convolution based reverberation and auralization. A recent sound installation based on one of the selected sites is also presented.
Download High Accuracy Frame-by-Frame Non-Stationary Sinusoidal Modelling
This paper describes techniques for obtaining high accuracy estimates, including those of non-stationarity, of parameters for sinusoidal modelling using a single frame of analysis data. In this case the data used is generated from the time and frequency reassigned short-time Fourier transform (STFT). Such a system offers the potential for quasi real-time (frame-by-frame) spectral modelling of audio signals.