Download Complex domain onset detection for musical signals
We present a novel method for onset detection in musical signals. It improves over previous energy-based and phase-based approaches by combining both types of information in the complex domain. It generates a detection function that is sharp at the position of onsets and smooth everywhere else. Results on a handlabelled data-set show that high detection rates can be achieved at very low error rates. The approach is more robust than its predecessors both theoretically and practically.
Download Matching live sources with physical models
This paper investigates the use of a physical model template database as the parameter basis for a MPEG-4 Structured Audio (MP4-SA) codec. During analysis, the codec attempts to match the closest corresponding instrument in the database. In this paper, we emphasize the mechanism enabling this match. We give an overview of the final front end, including the pitch detection stage, and remaining problems are discussed. A draft implementation, written in the Python language is described.