Download Blind Source Separation Using Repetitive Structure
Blind source separation algorithms typically involve decorrelating time-aligned mixture signals. The usual assumption is that all sources are active at all times. However, if this is not the case, we show that the unique pattern of source activity/inactivity helps separation. Music is the most obvious example of sources exhibiting repetitive structure because it is carefully constructed. We present a novel source separation algorithm based on spatial time-time distributions that capture the repetitive structure in audio. Our method outperforms time-frequency source separation when source spectra are highly overlapping.
Download A Real-Time Audio Effect Plug-In Inspired by the Processes of Traditional Indonesian Gamelan Music
This paper presents Gamelanizer, a novel real-time audio effect inspired by Javanese gamelan music theory. It is composed of anticipatory or “negative” delay and time and pitch manipulations based on the phase vocoder. An open-source real-time C++Virtual Studio Technology (VST) implementation of the effect, made with the JUCE framework, is available at DAFx19-Gamelanizer, as well as audio examples and Python implementations of vectorized and frame by frame approaches.