Download Efficient Modeling and Synthesis of Bell-like Sounds
This paper describes two different techniques that can be used to model and synthesize bell-like sounds. The first one is a sourcefilter model based on frequency-zooming ARMA (pole-zero) modeling techniques. The frequency-zooming approach is powerful also in modal analysis of bell sound behavior. The second technique is based on a digital waveguide with a single loop filter that is designed to generate inharmonic partials by including one or more second-order allpass sections in the loop filter, possibly augmented with one or a few parallel resonators. A small handbell with inharmonic partials was recorded and used as a target of modeling and synthesis. Sound examples are found in
Download Interpolation of long gaps in audio signals using the warped Burg's method
This paper addresses the reconstruction of missing samples in audio signals via model-based interpolation schemes. We demonstrate through examples that employing a frequency-warped version of Burg’s method is advantageous for interpolation of long duration signal gaps. Our experiments show that using frequencywarping to focus modeling on low frequencies allows reducing the order of the autoregressive models without degrading the quality of the reconstructed signal. Thus a better balance between qualitative performance and computational complexity can be achieved.
Download Recent Advances in Physical Modeling with K- and W-Techniques
Physical (or physics-based) modeling of musical instruments is one of the main research fields in computer music. A basic question, with increasing research interest recently, is to understand how different discrete-time modeling paradigms are interrelated and can be combined, whereby wave modeling with wave quantities (W-methods) and Kirchhoff quantities (K-methods) can be understood in the same theoretical framework. This paper presents recent results from the HUT Sound Source Modeling group, both in the form of theoretical discussions and by examples of Kvs. W-modeling in sound synthesis of musical instruments.