Download Extensions and Applications of Modal Dispersive Filters
Dispersive delay and comb filters, implemented as a parallel sum of high-Q mode filters tuned to provide a desired frequency-dependent delay characteristic, have advantages over dispersive filters that are implemented using cascade or frequency-domain architectures. Here we present techniques for designing the modal filter parameters for music and audio applications. Through examples, we show that this parallel structure is conducive to interactive and time-varying modifications, and we introduce extensions to the basic model.
Download Improved Carillon Synthesis
An improved and expanded method for carillon bell synthesis is proposed. Measurements of a carillon bell and its clapper were made to serve as the basis for an efficient synthesis framework. Mode frequencies, damping, and amplitudes are used to form a modal model fit to measurements. A parameterized clapper interaction model is proposed to drive the bell model, reproducing variation of timbre as the bell is played in different dynamic ranges. Reverberation of the belfry was measured from several listener perspectives and an efficient modal reverberation architecture is shown to model the sound of the bell from locations inside and outside the belfry.