Physical Modeling of the MXR Phase 90 Guitar Effect Pedal

Felix Eichas; Marco Fink; Martin Holters; Udo Zölzer
DAFx-2014 - Erlangen
In this study, a famous boxed effect pedal, also called stompbox, for electrical guitars is analyzed and simulated. The nodal DK method is used to create a non-linear state-space system with Matlab as a physical model for the MXR Phase 90 guitar effect pedal. A crucial component of the effect are Junction Field Effect Transistors (JFETs) which are used as variable resistors to dynamically vary the phase-shift characteristic of an allpass-filter cascade. So far, virtual analog modeling in the context of audio has mainly been applied to diode-clippers and vacuum tube circuits. This work shows an efficient way of describing the nonlinear behavior of JFETs, which are wide-spread in audio devices. To demonstrate the applicability of the proposed physical model, a real-time VST audio plug-in was implemented.