A Generic System for Audio Indexing: Application to Speech/Music Segmentation and Music Genre Recognition

Geoffroy Peeters
DAFx-2007 - Bordeaux
In this paper we present a generic system for audio indexing (classification/ segmentation) and apply it to two usual problems: speech/ music segmentation and music genre recognition. We first present some requirements for the design of a generic system. The training part of it is based on a succession of four steps: feature extraction, feature selection, feature space transform and statistical modeling. We then propose several approaches for the indexing part depending of the local/ global characteristics of the indexes to be found. In particular we propose the use of segment-statistical models. The system is then applied to two usual problems. The first one is the speech/ music segmentation of a radio stream. The application is developed in a real industrial framework using real world categories and data. The performances obtained for the pure speech/ music classes problem are good. However when considering also the non-pure categories (mixed, bed) the performances of the system drop. The second problem is the music genre recognition. Since the indexes to be found are global, “segment-statistical models” are used leading to results close to the state of the art.