Self-Sustained Vibrating Structures Physical Modelling by Means of Mass-Interaction Networks

François Poyer; Claude Cadoz
DAFx-2007 - Bordeaux
GENESIS is a sound synthesis and musical creation environment based on the mass-interaction CORDIS-ANIMA physical modelling formalism. It has got the noteworthy property that it allows to work both on sound itself and on musical composition in a single coherent environment. In this paper we present the first results of a study that is carried out with GENESIS on a particular type of models: self-sustained oscillating structures. By trying to build physical models of real instruments like bowed strings or woodwinds, our aim is to develop and analyse generic tools that can be used for the production of self-sustained oscillations on every mass-interaction network built with GENESIS. But, if the family of the self-sustained oscillating structures is very interesting to create rich timbres, it can also play a new and fundamental role at the level of the temporal macrostructure of the music (that of the gesture and the instrumental performance, as well as the composition). Indeed, it is possible, as we will propose in this paper, to use the relatively complex motion of a bowed macrostructure in a musical composition way, as a musical events generator.