A Complex Envelope Sinusoidal Model for Audio Coding

Maciej Bartkowiak
DAFx-2007 - Bordeaux
A modification to the hybrid sinusoidal model is proposed for the purpose of high-quality audio coding. In our proposal the amplitude envelope of each harmonic partial is modeled by a narrowband complex signal. Such representation incorporates most of the signal energy associated with sinusoidal components, including that related to frequency estimation and quantization errors. It also takes into account the natural width of each spectral line. The advantages of such model extension are a more straightforward and robust representation of the deterministic component and a clean stochastic residual without ghost sinusoids. The reconstructed signal is virtually free from harmonic artifacts and more natural sounding. We propose to encode the complex envelopes by the means of MCLT transform coefficients with coefficient interleave across partials within an MPEG-like coding scheme. We show some experimental results with high compression efficiency achieved.