FDNTB: The Feedback Delay Network Toolbox

Sebastian J. Schlecht
DAFx-2020 - Vienna (virtual)
Feedback delay networks (FDNs) are recursive filters, which are widely used for artificial reverberation and decorrelation. While there exists a vast literature on a wide variety of reverb topologies, this work aims to provide a unifying framework to design and analyze delay-based reverberators. To this end, we present the Feedback Delay Network Toolbox (FDNTB), a collection of the MATLAB functions and example scripts. The FDNTB includes various representations of FDNs and corresponding translation functions. Further, it provides a selection of special feedback matrices, topologies, and attenuation filters. In particular, more advanced algorithms such as modal decomposition, time-varying matrices, and filter feedback matrices are readily accessible. Furthermore, our toolbox contains several additional FDN designs. Providing MATLAB code under a GNU-GPL 3.0 license and including illustrative examples, we aim to foster research and education in the field of audio processing.