Modal Distribution Synthesis from Sub-Sampled Autocorrelation Function

Thomas Lysaght; Joseph Timoney; Victor Lazzarini
DAFx-2007 - Bordeaux
The problem of signal synthesis from bilinear time-frequency representations such as the Wigner distribution has been investigated [1,2,4] using methods which exploit an outer-product interpretation of these distributions. The Modal distribution is a timefrequency distribution specifically designed to model the quasiharmonic, multi-sinusoidal, nature of music signals and belongs to the Cohen general class of time-frequency distributions. Existing methods of synthesis from the Modal distribution [3] are based on a sinusoidal-analysis-synthesis procedure using estimates of instantaneous frequency and amplitude values. In this paper we develop an innovative synthesis procedure for the Modal distribution based on the outer-product interpretation of bilinear timefrequency distributions. We also propose a streaming objectoriented implementation of the resynthesis in the SndObj library [6] based on previous work which implemented a streaming implementation of the Modal distribution [7]. The theoretical background to the Modal distribution and to signal synthesis of Wigner distributions is first outlined followed by an explanation of the design and implementation of the Modal distribution synthesis. Suggestions for future extensions to the synthesis procedure are given.