Virtual Analog Oscillator Hard Synchronisation: Fourier series and an efficient implementation

Joseph Timoney; Victor Lazzarini; Jari Kleimola; Jussi Pekonen; Vesa Välimäki
DAFx-2012 - York
This paper investigates a number of digital methods to produce the Analog subtractive synthesis effect of ‘Hard Synchronisation.’ While the original effect is produced by an explicit waveform phase reset, other approaches are given that produce an equivalent output. In particular, based on measurements taken from a real-analog synthesizer, a comb filtering model is proposed. This description ties in with earlier work but here an explicit structure is provided. This filter-based approach is then shown to be far more computationally efficient than the synchronisation by phase reset. This efficiency is at a minor cost as it is shown that it has a minimal impact on the sonic accuracy.