Adaptive Harmonization and Pitch Correction of Polyphonic Audio Using Spectral Clustering

Mathieu Lagrange; Graham Percival; George Tzanetakis
DAFx-2007 - Bordeaux
There are several well known harmonization and pitch correction techniques that can be applied to monophonic sound sources. They are based on automatic pitch detection and frequency shifting without time stretching. In many applications it is desired to apply such effects on the dominant melodic instrument of a polyphonic audio mixture. However, applying them directly to the mixture results in artifacts, and automatic pitch detection becomes unreliable. In this paper we describe how a dominant melody separation method based on spectral clustering of sinusoidal peaks can be used for adaptive harmonization and pitch correction in mono polyphonic audio mixtures. Motivating examples from a violin tutoring perspective as well as modifying the saxophone melody of an old jazz mono recording are presented.