Sound synthesis by physical modelling using the functional transformation method: Efficient implementations with polyphase-filterbanks

Stefan Petrausch; Rudolf Rabenstein
DAFx-2003 - London
The Functional Transformation Method (FTM) is a recently introduced method for sound synthesis by physical modeling. Based on integral transformations, it provides a parallel system description for any linear physical model, usually described by a set of partial differential equations. Such parallel descriptions can be directly implemented by a set of recursive systems in full rate. In this PSfrag replacem paper we present a new and very ef£cient method for this implementation which bene£ts from the spectral decomposition of the system. All recursive systems are working at a subsampled rate and are summed up by the application of a polyphase £lterbank. Performance measurements on a real time implementation show, that a ¤exible and ef£cient realization is achieved. Compared to the direct implementation it is over nine times faster at the cost of nine milliseconds of delay and even faster with more delay.