Spectral Dealy Filters with Feedback Delay Filters with Feedback and Time-Varying Coefficients

Jussi Pekonen; Vesa Välimäki; Jonathan S. Abel; Julius O. Smith
DAFx-2009 - Como
A recently introduced structure to implement a continuously smooth spectral delay, based on a cascade of first-order allpass filters and an equalizing filter, is described and the properties of this spectral delay filter are reviewed. A new amplitude envelope equalizing filter for the spectral delay filter is proposed and the properties of structures utilizing feedback and/or time-varying filter coefficients are discussed. In addition, the stability conditions for the feedback and the time-varying structures are derived. A spectral delay filter can be used for synthesizing chirp-like sounds or for modifying the timbre of arbitrary audio signals. Sound examples on the use of the spectral delay filters utilizing the structures discussed in this paper can be found at http://www.acoustics.hut. fi/publications/papers/dafx09-sdf/.